October 24, 2004


I finally got a chance to sit down and fix the problems. So, all the new users that have come to the site, that haven't had a chance to sign-up or post on the forums, have at it!!

In other news, our CD continues to be sold on the street as more people learn about the band. We are trying to get some shows together and we'll let you know the second we have any confirmations. As of recently, there have been a couple of fresh leads that I am following the best I can. Stay tunned for the information to be posted as it becomes available.


September 6, 2004

An update! Wow! Sorry it's been almost a month since the last 'update' in this section but things kept preventing me from working on the site, thus not allowing an update.

In the latest happenings, I'm pleased to announce that our website has now been getting a steady 1000 hits a day (on avg in the past few weeks)! This is quite a bit of traffic, and all your visits are greatly appreciated.

Our cd is now available in various online stores, along with some retail outlets here in Pittsburgh. Stop by the music section to get the full listing so that you can buy our cd!!!

Soon to be available for purchasing online is our 'Init Zer0' t-shirts! As soon as I get everything situation, there will be a 'merch' section (or something similar) added so that you can show off your mad fashion.

Well, that's about it for now. I'll try and update more often as things progress.


August 2, 2004

**CD Release Party**

The date for our CD release party has been finalized. It is August 20, 2004. Check out the shows page for all the details. We hope to see everyone there as it will be yet another Init Zer0 show to remember!! We'll have T-shirts available for sale, along with (of course) our new CD entitled "Skin". We may have a couple other items up for grabs as well. Keep checking back for new shows as many leads that we have are soon to be followed.

If you use AIM, or for any other purposes, pickup "Init Zer0: The Buddy Icon"!
Next up is "Init Zer0: The Flamethrower" (the kids love this one).

<- click here to make it your buddy icon.

See everyone at the show!!

July 17, 2004


The Init Zer0 album entitled Skin has officially been released!!! Be sure to get your copy ASAP before they sell out! :-)

Now begins the process of enlisting our CD on amazon.com (also target.com, borders.com, and cdnow.com) and cdbaby.com. It'll take about 3-5 weeks before you can purchase our CD online - but don't wait until then!! If you would like us to mail a copy of the CD to you personally, just drop us an e-mail and we'll ship one out as soon as a payment is made. For now, we'll only accept payments through ebay.com. This is only temporary until the online outlets start stocking our CD. A good ole' check or money order also will work, which we will give you more information about via e-mail.

Keep checking back frequently as we are in the process of booking many shows for the Summer/Fall season. We'll let you know ASAP as to when our CD release party will be as well.

Now remember, get those CD's!!

May 10, 2004

Work on the CD continues and should be wrapping up here shortly. All vox are done except for one song and now the mixing process is the only thing holding this CD back. That is what takes most of the work because we want this to sound perfect. I know the shows section is a bit barren, but as soon as we know of something, we'll post it. Just keep checking back for status updates on the CD and shows.

I've added a neat little feature to the website, which I'm sure you've already noticed. A random picture appears in the background each time you click on the home section. This is more of an aesthetic addition than anything. What do you think of it? Let me know in the forums.

We'll just keep on truckin',

April 2, 2004

New pictures of the March 19th show @ Nick's Fat City are up in the new and improved images section!! I decided to completely redo the layout and groupings for all the pictures we have. Let me know what you think in the forums... (I personally like it - lol).

The new recordings, from our 'Pre-EP' we've been handing out at our shows, are now available in the music section. Be sure to check these tunes out, as we may post 1 or 2 more songs in addition to those already there.

We have at least 4 confirmed shows coming up this month, including one @ NFC! Check out the shows section for all the info. Our next show is another competition, but this time it's all ages. So that leaves no excuse for all you under 21ers to not make our next show... Also, there may some acoustic Init Zer0 shows in the works... I'll be sure to let everyone know as soon as the details get finalized (for the acoustic shows).

Well, here's to another step in the process...

March 13, 2004

Init Zer0 is advancing to the Hard and Heavy Rock Challenge finals!!!!!

That's right! We won March 10th's semi-finals show and are advancing to the finals next Friday, March 19, 2004 at Nick's Fat City. We would like to thank everyone that came out for the show to make this possible; we couldn't have done it without you! That being said, we need to get as MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to come to the finals. The winner is determined soley by votes, so come on down, bring some friends, and show your support for Local Pittsburgh Rock - otherwise known as Init Zer0. ;-)

We will rock your world on Friday...

March 9, 2004

Hello all! This is just a reminder to come to Nick's Fat City tomorrow night to see Init Zer0 battle it out at the "Hard and Heavy Rock Challenge". Check out the shows section for all the info. You don't want to miss this one, it's gonna rock!! Also, the lyrics for the new song "Until I Break" are now in the lyrics section. Check 'em out so you can sing along tomorrow night...

The pictures that our good friend Chris (BigNig) took at the Section 8 show are now in the images section. I am awaiting images from The Doc and once I get those, I will post them as well.

See you at the show!!

February 12, 2004

The bios section is up and complete! Check it out by clicking bios on the left. Also, I'm sure you've noticed the new Skin EP cover artwork by Absolutliz. Isn't that awesome?? We'll keep everyone up-to-date as to when the actual CD release date will be. We have a show coming up on Feb. 28, 2004. Check out the details in the shows section. Get ready Pittsburgh, the new Init Zer0 is about to be unleashed!


January 11, 2004

A few updates have been made to the site. It's mostly small stuff; only web folk will see what's changed. Overall, it allows for a better browsing experience.

** It's official!** The new bassist of Init Zer0 is Mike Lytkowski. Please welcome him in the "Zer0" fashion whenever you get a chance to meet him. He's got phat beats and can sing smooth backup vocals as well. Our next show is gonna rock hardcore!

Speaking of which, we've been vigorously teaching Mike our songs and working out our 'new' sound. Once all that gets finalized, look for us to start rocking the music scene once more. We'll keep you up to date on those matters as soon as show info becomes available. Also, I'm going to try and get the biography section finished soon, along with getting some pics of Mike online.

Hope all is well with everyone...

Until the next update,

December 19, 2003

Good morning/afternoon/evening/late-night, whatever time you are checking out the site. I'd like to personally welcome you to the unveiling of the new Init Zer0 website. Feel free to browse around and check out the new stuff we’ve got available. Some parts of the site are still being worked on, but will be finished as soon as possible.

As some of you might know, Austin, our bassist, departed from the band towards the end of November. I will miss playing with him (since we’ve been playing together for about 7 years now). Personal reasons and conflict of interests contributed to his decision to leave. He is moving on with his musical career and I’ll try to perhaps put something on the site in regards to his next musical accomplishment. Thanks Austin for all your hard work and dedication to rockin’ out.

We’ve acquired a new bassist and will start to practice with him sometime after Christmas. I’ll put more information when the time comes (as he’s confirmed joining us, but I won’t post anything until it’s for certain, etched in stone, and signed in blood).

As I wrap things up, our goal is to have our new 6 or 7 song EP fully recorded and mastered and ready to roll by 2004. A few incidents have caused yet more setbacks, but we will conquer our evils that hinder us.
Keep checking back often and sign up on the forums if you haven’t already!

-Joseph St. Onge