Under careful scrutiny and examination, we suggest the following links.

Local Rock Bands
Seven Days - Imaginative, fearless and uncompromising soundscapes rooted by straightforward anthemic rock music.
runamuk - Mike's new band from Philly. Check 'em out!
Loko Phylum - A mixing of styles from Hip Hop to classic rock, harmony to heavy
Gutterfly - A great metal/hardcore band with thump-in-da-chest music
Skell - Pioneers of Pittsburgh Metal
Crisen - Comparable to bands such as tool, staind, and stone temple pilots, they produce wonderfully new, authentic sounds in a heavily saturated genre.

National Bands
MoistBoyz - Lead guitarist Dean Ween's band (formerly from the band WEEN). We opened for them @ Mr. Small's on Sept. 11, 2005.
King's X - Progressive Rock at its finest! They linked to us, so check them out!

Clubs / Bars
Nick's Fat City
North Park Clubhouse
The Bombshelter

Promotional / Friends of Init Zer0 - the front line is everywhere - a disrespectful mix of news, technology, and security issues with opinions about all of it.  If something here doesn't piss you off, keep reading...
The Quotation Vault - A great quotatations website with a focus on business and investing quotes.

For more links, visit the bios section and check out each band member's personal links.