Init Zer0

Alternative Metal
Hard Rock

1 Virgila Place

Pittsburgh, PA  15213

(412) 352–7186


Band Bio

Init Zer0 is based out of Pittsburgh, PA.  Formed three years ago in 2002 by Joseph and Jarod, Init Zer0 has gone through many line-up changes.  Now, with the addition of Martin Osacar in January 2005, they finally have the core they need to confront the Pittsburgh Rock Scene.  Releasing a LP in July of 2004, the band has hit the tri-state area playing many bars and clubs with full force.  The complete line-up of Init Zer0 has a combined playing experience of 20 years.  Booked almost every weekend, the group has played many different venues and has met so many incredible people along the way.


Joseph’s musical upbringing was with classical music, playing the violin for 5 years before picking up the guitar.  Now, 10 years down the road and 4 guitars later, he keeps his progressions symphonic, while his vocal efforts remain melodic.


Jarod is a self taught musician entering his 11th year behind the set. Spontaneous, creative, and down-right crazy, this drummer is the fire-cracker in your mail box.


Init Zer0’s fan favorite, Martin has been stroking the strings for eight years now. Jägermeister and No Fear Energy Drinks fuel this “Spanish Sensation.”


Init Zer0’s low end is brought to you through the hands of a classically trained bassist who slices his riffs with guided precision, timing, and attitude.




-  Marshall and MESA guitar amps; BOSS guitar effect pedals
-  Pearl Icon 503 Drum Rack (7-piece set); Sabian, Zildjian, and Paiste cymbals
-  Alesis RA300 Power Amp, (2) 3-way 300 Watt 15” speakers 4” tweets & 2” horns
-  (2) 2-way 250 Watt 15” Floor Monitors w/ 4” Piezo Horns
-  Crown Powerbase-1 330 Watt Power Amp, Peavey 8.5c 1100 Watt Power Amp
-  (2) Community CSX57S2 3-way speakers, (2) Community Subs MVP18S
-  Yamaha MG24/14FX Console Mixer w/ effects
-  Lighting rigs (pole and scaffold stands); 4 canister lights, Chauvet Controller
-  2 special effects lights, 2 police beacons, 3 fog machines


-  Adventures
-  Airport Ice Arena
-  Bloomfield Bridge Tavern
-  Broadway Brewhouse
-  Grey Goose Bar & Grill
-  Iceoplex @ Southpointe
-  Margaritaville
-  Mr. Smalls Funhouse
-  Nicks Fat City

-  North Park Clubhouse in Robinson
-  North Park Lounge Deckhouse
-  Penn State McKeesport
-  Rex Theatre
-  Rock Room
-  Rooney’s Irish Sports Bar
-  Section 8 Skate Park
-  The Bombshelter
-  Vanport Fire Hall


Skin – Debut CD – Available on,, and various retail outlets.

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