March 19, 2006


It saddens me greatly to announce that Init Zer0 will be playing its last show this Saturday, March 25, 2006. Jarod is moving to Florida to pursue his career and start a family. Head over to the shows section to get all the details. Merchandise will be free all night long so if you didn't get a chance to pickup a copy of our debut album 'Skin', this show will be your night to score a copy free of charge.

The fate of Init Zer0 will be unknown for a while as I have to finish school and so does Martin. We will attempt to find a new drummer and if we do, you'll be the first to hear of it. If you know anyone, you should contact us with their information.

We hope to see everyone who can make it this Saturday as it's going to be a blast. Thanks for the 10 years of musicianship Jarod. You will be missed greatly.

- Joseph

February 19, 2006

So nothing too much to report from the Init Zero camp who happen to be enjoying Pittsburgh's winter doldrum's. For something hot, check out Loko Phylum @ who is coming off an amazing tour.

- Jarod

January 25, 2006

We are playing at the Hard Rock Cafe on Feb. 1, 2006! Come and support the IZ!! Goto the shows section as fast as you can and get the show details.
The show is next week! Hurry!

Also, call KRock (412) 333-9370 and request that they play Init Zer0!
The songs they have are:
- Skin
- Sentenced
- Reflection - Live @ Mr. Smalls - 2005

See you at the show where we will rock some faces!


September 14, 2005

Opening for the Moistboyz was a great experience and an awesome show! Pictures are now up in the images section. We got a pretty good live recording of the show so keep your eyes peeled for the release of a live track or two.

In other news, we've finally gotten our myspace site up and running and our friend list is growing strong! Click the link on the bottom left and check it out. If you have myspace, add us as a friend!

We're looking to record some new material soon, so keep checking back for the latest information.


September 4, 2005

** Opening for national act MoistBoyz**

Init Zer0 has been asked to open for the national act "MoistBoyz " (lead guitarist Dean Ween, formerly from the band "WEEN"). We are selling the tickets $4 cheaper then face value/door so make sure you hit up a band member for your ticket. The show is ALL AGES!! More info in the shows section. The show is one week from today, so be sure to act fast on those ticket purchases. We'll see everyone there!

Also, pictures from the Mr. Small's show are now up in the images section.


August 3, 2005

Pictures are now up from the Brewhouse show this past weekend. It was all kinds of crazy! Check them out in the images section, and also check out this post in the forums... :-)

The Mr. Smalls tickets are selling well, so be sure to get yours from any of the band members today! Check out the shows section for more information.

I also want to let everyone know that the lyrics for our newest song, "Reflection", are up in the lyrics section.


July 22, 2005


You wanted it, you got it!! Mr. Smalls Funhouse - ALL AGES SHOW!! That's right, Init Zer0 is playing an all ages show! Make sure that you don't miss this one because we are gonna rock some serious faces! Get your tickets online via mail order, or from one of the band members. Tickets are just $8.00 before the show and $10.00 the day of the show. If you are ordering via mail, please do so in time to allow 3 business days for shipping, or you can pick up your ticket(s) at the venue from us on the day of the show. Visit the shows section for all the information!



July 15, 2005

Pictures are up from The Rex show on July 8, 2005. Check them out here.

More shows to be posted next week.


June 21, 2005

**The Rex**

We are playing show #2 at The Rex on July 8, 2005! Check out all the show details in the shows section.

We are also working on various shows for the month of July, so keep checking back often as I will post details as soon as I find out about them. In the works are an all ages show, possibly at Mr. Smalls, and more Ohio shows.

Be sure to come out to The Rex show because last time, we rocked faces!!   [ and Martin won't be so nervous this time... =) ]


May 17, 2005

Grey Goose, YEAAHAAHAA! Our Friday the 13th show rocked all kinds of faces, and the pictures are now up! Check them out in the images section. We are also receiving some high-res photos taken by P.J. and as soon as I get those, I will resize and post.
We are planning on a Margaritaville show here soon, so keep checking the shows section as usual to get the low-down on when IZ is playing. We'll also be booking more Ohio shows in June/July as well.

Until next post,


May 10, 2005

Pictures are now up from the Broadway Brewhouse show. These are some awesome pictures, so be sure to check them out in the images section. We've also been updating our shows section regularly, so make sure to check back every week for new shows as they are posted. Lastly, be sure to come out to the Grey Goose this "Friday the 13th" for some face rockin'! We'll be the only band that night so you'll get to hear all your favorite IZ tunes, all night long!

See ya this Friday!!


May 2, 2005

Pictures are now up from the Rock Room show last saturday. Be sure to check them out in the images section.

Enjoy the pics...


April 11, 2005

Pictures are up from The Rex show. Be sure to check them out in the section. Martin and Steve now have a pics section as well.



March 15, 2005

Init Zer0 adds two new members!

I'd like to personally welcome two new members to Init Zer0, Martin and Steve! They are the latest and greatest additions to the Init Zer0 lineup. Martin is another guitarist and Steve is the bassist. Check out their information in the bios section; I've also added a new section (in the bios) called "equipment". It'll give everyone a chance to see what we play with.
The guys have been rigorously learning the IZ tunes and cover songs for the upcoming shows. You should come to any of the upcoming shows to check out our new sound! Plus, it'll give you a chance to meet the guys and hang out with them. Once we get some live shots of the new guys playing, we'll have their pictures posted in the images section.

More shows to come as soon as we straighten out everyone's schedule and such, so keep checking back!

See you at the next show!


February 10, 2005

Wow, a very much needed update!

A lot has been happening these past four months and I’ll try and bring everyone up to speed. First and foremost, Mike decided to move to Philadelphia, PA to pursue other musical paths. We are sad to see him leave, but we wish him luck in all his new adventures. You can check out his new band, called Run-A-Muk, in the links section. They are a cover band from Philly. We’ll leave his pics and info up until we find a replacement bassist. With that being said, we are actively searching for a new bassist. I put up flyers at various music stores and have received a few calls. We’ll be starting to try some people out soon. So, if you want to play bass for us, give us a ring! You never know…

If you have been reading the forums, you know that I was in a car accident on December 24, 2004. It sucked and I spent Christmas in the hospital. I’m all healed up and back to normal, so now begins the process of re-learning some songs, and getting back into the swing of things with my playing/singing. Brain injuries aren’t fun… :-) If you want to see pictures of the car, check out the forums.

We are now on iTunes!! iTunes, Apple's popular music downloading service now has Init Zer0 tunes for you to check out. Only 99 cents a song and $9.40 for the whole album. We'll still have 3 songs available for free download in our music section, but if you want any other songs, download them from iTunes (or buy the whole album from cdbaby or Amazon).

We are starting to book shows at the end of March, so check out the shows section for all the information. Keep checking back as well for new shows; I’ll post information as soon as it becomes available.

You’ll also notice the Google Ads down at the bottom of the site. I know that’s the last thing you want to look at, but they pay us for you to click. If you see something you like, click it and check it out. I've also archived all the old news and updates on another page. Click on the link below to see the old stuff.

That's about it for now. Until I get a chance to update again (hopefully soon), rock on!


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